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FactuSol is a versatile business management program that, thanks to its simplicity, is very easy to use.

Its interface is well-designed, and its functions are easy and intuitive to access. The information is divided into several sections: purchasing, sales, warehouse, and utilities. Each contains detailed information about each type of transaction.

Purchasing contains information about vendors, orders, invoices, and payments; sales has information on customers, billing, businesses, and special prices; warehouse has data on inventory and inputs and outputs of type; and utilities contains a number of small applications such as a calculator, a to-do list, and an address book.

All this information can be printed or transferred to Microsoft Word or Excel. FactuSol is a very useful application, and its cost-value ratio makes it a popular alternative to consider.

The program is free, but you'll need to pay a fee to access the weekly updates.

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